★ Find My Phone ★ Android App

If you have ever lost your cellphone, you will probably understand how stressful it can be and the havoc it can wreak on your life.  Losing your cellphone in the grocery store, at a restaurant, or when you’re out with friends can be even worse because if some random stranger decides to steal your phone, you’ve got no way of getting it back…  Unless you have already installed the ★ Find My Phone ★ app from Boss Cellular.

How can I find my lost phone with ★ Find My Phone ★ for Android?

Read this review to see how the ★ Find My Phone ★ app works.  It’s pretty easy actually.

  1. Simply download this free app market://details/?id=com.bosscellular.findmyphone.
  2. After you’ve installed the application on your Android phone or tablet, borrow someone else’s smartphone and text the phrase, “Find my phone” to your “lost” phone.
  3. Your “lost phone” will read an audible notification telling the thief that device tracking has been enabled and to please return the device to its owner immediately.
  4. Next, the “lost” phone will send a text back to the phone you just borrowed saying, “Google Maps link of where device is located (depends on GPS/ NET location accuracy): link to lost phone Current battery level: 66%
  5. Click the link and follow GPS Navigation on the borrowed phone back to where your lost phone is located!
  6. If needed, you can also use this free android application to give the police a direct link to where the thief is located if you’re sure that your phone has been stolen and not just lost.

★ Signal Booster for Android ★

Download the FREE  ★ Signal Booster for Android ★ from your Android Phone:

★ Signal Booster for Android ★

Get the ★ Signal Booster for Android ★ app from the Google Play store to instantly improve cellular signal on your Android phone or Android Tablet.  The ★ Signal Booster for Android ★ app lets you update PRL with the push of a single button so you can get better cellular service and faster data speeds in just a few seconds.

★ Signal Booster for Android ★

3 150x150 ★ Signal Booster for Android ★When you search for Signal Booster for Android on the Google Play store, be sure to click the FREE App that has the star as the app icon like a smaller version of the one to the left.  Once it’s downloaded and installed on your Android phone or tablet, add the app to your home screen.  It will look like a little satellite and say, “Improve Signal” below the icon.

081125 glossy silver icon business satellite dish sc43 150x150 ★ Signal Booster for Android ★Each day, and whenever you travel a few miles you can simply push the icon on your home screen and boost your cellular service!

With ★ Signal Booster for Android ★ you can forget trying old, time consuming ways to Update Network Connections such as:

  • Cycle through airplane mode
  • Dialing numbers like: ##873283#, *228
  • or even removing your battery and sim card

Simply go to Google Play and download the Android Signal Booster here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bosscellular.curtis

1 ★ Signal Booster for Android ★

2 ★ Signal Booster for Android ★ 6 ★ Signal Booster for Android ★ We are constantly updating and improving this application and love positive feedback!  If you have a problem installing the app or can’t figure out how to make it work, feel free to give us a call before giving it a bad rating and we’ll do everything possible to help you!  If you DO love our free signal booster application then PLEASE leave us a 5 Star rating and write a positive note on Google Play (where you downloaded it from).

Hope you love this free signal booster app from Boss Cellular!

Thanks to the Delta County Independent for the article about this Signal Booster App!