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Boss Cellular coming to a store near you!

Ask your local prepaid wireless dealer if they offer the Boss Cellular the best phone service on prepaid plans yet.

What is the best phone service?

We will offer the best  prepaid wireless service plans available by allowing local wireless retailers to sell service connected to every major carrier, nationwide.
Customers have the option to buy new or use their existing phones  and connect to the Nation’s largest wireless networks with: No Contract.  No Credit Check. No Commitment.  No Hassle!

With Boss Cellular – You’re the Boss.

You asked – we listened.   We have designed plans to fit what you actually want to use in voice, text and data.
Want to simply talk without paying for texts and data that you just don’t need? –We have a Basic Talk plan designed for you.
For the texting maniac who doesn’t like talking – The Basic Text plan is just for you.
Need more data in your ever increasing mobile world? – We’ve put together plans that fit the usage you will typically use – rather than plans that are “meant to impress” with huge loads of data….that you would be paying for way more than you can ever use!
Our unlimited plans are designed for the mega user who just doesn’t want to worry about it having enough.
Family Plans fit your budget? – we’ve got them!

Get the best prepaid wireless coverage options in the Nation at the best cellular service prices available.

Boss Cellular offers no contract cell phone plans that let you pay an extremely low monthly price for the best cell phone service but still get the best cellular coverage in the Nation!

With Boss Cellular you will have your local hometown store – (with a live person) to help you out in activating your phone, setting service up, help in programming it to work for you, troubleshooting problems you may be having, choosing accessories and paying your bill.  We can set you up for auto-pay if that is convenient, you can stop by and say hello as you make your payment in the store, or give us a call and we’ll help you pay it with your credit card.
We strive to provide exceptional customer service!

Boss Cellular will be offering prepaid cellular services to customers nationwide.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a prepaid wireless dealer or a new customer, when anyone asks, “what  is the best phone service available?” – we hope you’ll tell them about Boss Cellular!

Do business with companies that choose not to outsource their jobs overseas if you want to strengthen the American economy.

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